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Pakistani players and their experience

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PostPosted: 25.06.2018 15:52

It's a shame that people with majority are given more importance. We've been trying to reach out to you guys for months but to no avail.I don't like the fact that Pakistani users' IP is banned in this forum for registering, blocking every type of communication, the fact that people in Reddit ignore since they're having their own fun, and the email contact in Psyonix is completely dead, making us mute to speak for our right. - whatever, I somehow registered.I'll state my problem now. We play at a 'stable' ping of 200 connected to any European server from any game, it's smooth for us. We do not play on ME and EA servers because their performance, by default (since the release) are worse, reported by everyone in my country. Everyone from Pakistan (yes, the ~2000 km distances matter), experience the most disruptive and poor performance in the game. This happened from the recent downtime's maintenance (April 1) - our pings have dropped from 200 to 300, 400, and an unplayable crashing 500. It depends on which server we connect to (remember, before April 1 - NO European server was problematic for us, nada). On specific European servers, it would be 300, on some 400, and on some it would be rapid fluctuation between 400-500.

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