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Colorado and CSU

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PostPosted: 08.06.2018 16:59

Colorado and CSU both made the jump a couple of years ago. Weber St. actually made the jump a while back and then came back to D2 for some of the very reasons aggieguy13 mentioned. Utah and Arizona State-elite squad will be making the jump next season so there are going to be a few more options but it's still not fun making an entire schedule out of playing 4-5 teams over and over.
Beside the lack of teams within travel distance, it really comes down to a matter of competitiveness. It is a pretty big jump in talent and it's not like USU is unchallenged or dominating the competition at the D2 level. What is kind of sad is to see teams like Utah, that we beat regularly for years, move past us now by not only beating us on the ice but going to ACHA D1. This is a club that has sponsored a team for half as many years as USU and struggled so bad to keep it going that they didn't field a team for a season not that long ago.
At this level so much is dependent on the people backing the club; the coaches and support staff. USU seems to be a bit stagnant in this area. That doesn't mean the coach and staff don't work their asses off, I'm sure they do, but results have been relatively the same for quite some time. Because of that I think fan support is on the decline and a far cry from the hay day.

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