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Can't customize second player's car in split screen

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Joined: 30.05.2018 09:37
PostPosted: 05.06.2018 18:09

lets see if someone can help me fix this problem because is really anoyingI don't remember when it started, i think it was like 5-7 updates ago, the problem is that everytime i'm playing split screen with a friend and we go to the garage, doesn't matter wich car my friend choose (or decal, or goal explotion or anything) after we go out of the garage his car goes back to "default" breakout, and even if he wanted to play with breakout he can't even change the topper, the decals, the colors, antena, goal explotion, anything... so the split screen player is stuck to use default breakout. Can somebody help us please

Please help.

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