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Easy way to fix the PVP/No players issue

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Joined: 21.06.2018 10:52
PostPosted: 25.06.2018 15:49

So in reality the problem is right now PVP is NONEXISTENT so player base = non existent............... How to fix this? Add the feature of guilds being able to declare war which doesn't effect alignment when you kill that other guild..... Newbs stay alive and Guild vs Guild happens which makes pvp which brings back players YAY happy PVP is alive again and players actually play this game.... This is how its supposed to be in the MMO honestly its the only way to brings players back and if they dont bring players back they have a dead game( then again maybe the devs will abandon this game ...they sure made enough money off people already they dont really need to develop it) the whole guild war thing is pretty much the reason most people got this game and they dont have it in when they shouldve when the implemented guild claims

Please help.

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