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Adding players during game

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Joined: 30.05.2018 09:37
PostPosted: 20.07.2018 06:34

In a recent game I was scoring, I didn't enter the entire roster for a team. As a few plays occurred I added players who were involved in the play by using the "add player" button when entering the play. However, when I checked both the roster and stats, those players I added didn't show up. I had to go into the Team Manager and then add the players there and when I recalculated the stats, then they showed up. Can you make it so when you add a player on the game screen he is inserted in that team's roster/lineup and his stats will then be part of the team stats? Or, is there a better way to add players as the game is happening, making sure they will be a part of the stats?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.

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