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La multi ani Beni Pelger !!!

La multi ani, Sarbatori fericite, etc.

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Joined: 09.11.2005 23:30
PostPosted: 26.05.2012 17:34
LA MULTI ANI BENI!!!!cam cu intarziere dar mai bine mai tarziu decat niciodata.sanatate si bucurie in suflet

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PostPosted: 28.05.2012 18:18
Mersi Claudiule, uite asa mai tinem si noi siteul asta sa nu se inchida de tot, noroc cu dinozaurii

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PostPosted: 12.06.2012 19:40
hop si eu cu intirziere....LA MULTI ANI BENY DRAGA....tot ce iti doresti mai mult sa se implineasca
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PostPosted: 16.06.2012 10:25
La multi ani !
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